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Restaurants Whalesbone Oyster House

Location: 430 Bank Street
Tel: (613) 231-8569
Website: www.thewhalesbone.com

Aw, Shucks...Oysters and More...Oysters are the obvious choice here, served raw with different sauces and add-ons like lemon and horseradish. There are three to five types of east and west coast oysters to choose from, both small and large varieties and our selection changes daily. Oysters are the house specialty, but we've got plenty on the menu for seafood lovers who are squeamish about slurping the slippery bivalves straight from the shell.

Our decor is hip but simple, giving the long and narrow space a bigger, brighter feel. Light wooden tables and folding chairs contrast nicely with the red brick interior. Personal touches, like the record collection behind the bar and the bike on one wall give the Whalesbone Oyster House a comfortable homey feel.

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