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Night Clubs Babylon

Location: 317 Bank St. Ottawa, Canada
Phone #: 613.594.0003
Website: www.babylonclub.ca
Calendar: Click here for events calendar
Booking: Click here for booking information


Everything has to start somewhere. The beginning is the initial communication and practice of the idea. However, plans will ultimately change because the future is fate; new communication and practice is required. At this point, the interest should be high; evolution is unpredictable, change is inevitable, the journey is what matters. This site is the start. It will develop and grow, the path invites and welcomes your return.


The middle is the actual execution of the idea. In our case this is putting on live shows and performances. The talent pool is as vast as the locations from which it comes. Our philosophy is to cradle the vastness into a smaller section for our friends where we live. We look forward to presenting more to you. The site wishes to be an informational tool towards bringing shows. It is the middle


It is hard to know when you are at the end. Likely the perception of completion is paramount. The substance is the true test, the frills will be forgotten. Simplicity is for the appreciator. The site will conform to that individual. However, the end is always fleeting because with it brings a new beginning.

"Babylon keepin it undaground"
(DJ / Producer Greyboy)

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