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Artist e-mail: lukey@infynitientertainment.com
Website: www.infynitientertainment.com

Born in Spanish Town , Jamaica on April 9 th, 1982 , Shawn Parkes AKA Lukey (stage name) did not know all that much about the Hip Hop industry or that he would have such a great love and interest for the music as he does now. Shawn was raised in Jamaica for two years when his mother decided that that was not the place for her to raise her kids and make sure that they had a good education. In 1984, Shawn, his mother and older sister all came to Canada . They first resided in Montreal , Quebec , Canada . Shawn’s mom had a part time job to feed her kids, but as a single mother she needed more, that is when she decided to move to Ottawa, Ontario where she got a little higher paying job and her children were able to have a little more in life. Shawn grew up in what people call “the hood” or “the ghetto”. He attended Laurentian High School, where he made a lot of friends that had the same interest as him and enjoyed listening to him free-style. Shawn is the second oldest of six children and he believes that he has a huge role to play in his siblings lives because they look up to him on a daily basis.

Shawn started working at the age of 15 to be able to support himself and help out around the house. His goal was to be able to get to a professional studio and record songs that he had written on his spare time. He and his friends used to get together with juke boxes and record in each others basements after school and on the weekends. But that still was not good enough for Lukey, he wanted more, he wanted to make music a career.

At the age of 19, Shawn became a father. That is when he started taking his music a lot more seriously. Music is the only thing that Shawn sees before his eyes and now with a child he wanted to be able to give his child what his mother was not able to provide for him as a child. But as it is in most young Hip Hop artists they are not always on the same chapter, so their music was not exceeding any club gigs. They performed in Ottawa , Toronto , Montreal and surrounding areas. In 2004, there was a Hip Hop competition at Club Eck-Lips in Aylmer , Quebec where the champion would get the opportunity to open for Joe Budden. Lukey won that Competition and a week later was doing the opening act for Joe Budden.

That is when Shawn seeked help from a Promotional company (Infyniti Promotions Inc.) based out of Ottawa , Ontario . There Shawn has been able to do opening shows around the Ottawa area, competitions in Toronto and has come out with two demo CD’s and a Mix Tape and also created a fan base. Lukey has been working on his album CD. Infyniti Promotions is also helping him come out with a video and with promoting what he presently has. Lukey’s name is on many websites for promotional purposes, and he is also at the present moment trying to get air play and get recognized so that he may have the opportunity to get signed by a major record label. As for music is the only thing that Shawn sees before him, as his future career.

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