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Events / Festivals Ottawa International Writers Festival

Ottawa International Writers Festival
Date: October 24-29
Website: www.writersfestival.org

For more than a decade now, we've been celebrating the world’s best writing from home and abroad with an eclectic program that presents interactions with leaders in the worlds of science, history, poetry, politics, spoken word, economics, drama, fiction, biography, music, religion, spirituality and more.

The imagination is our most valuable renewable resource. So, twice a year, with the help of volunteers, sponsors, and our remarkable staff, we convene one of the most carbon neutral, environmentally friendly, literary celebrations on the planet to recharge our imaginations.

Each year, through Spring and Fall Editions of the Writers Festival, our Step into Stories program for Young Readers, and our year-long Reading Series, more than 13,000 readers connect with more than 100 of the world's finest new and established voices in an interactive and open exchange of ideas and stories.

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