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Events / Festivals Caribe-Expo-Ottawa Caribbean Festival

Caribe-Expo (Ottawa Caribbean Festival)
Date: August 2009 no date for 2011
Tel: 613-729-1408
Website: www.caribe-expo.ca

Once again we are pleased to present a spectacular display of our cultural heritage in the Nation's Capital.

Caribe-Expo kicks off this August from the 10th through the 17th, 2008.

It is your participation and support that has encouraged us to forge ahead as cultural ambassadors, through the years.

The richness and diversity that is ours to boast, offers a trident display of artistry and pageantry! Our steelpan concert on the grassy knoll of the Festival Plaza, the rich culinary appetizers, the humor and and missive of the calypsonian, along with the staging of a kaleidoscopic parade, all in the name of Culture.

These are some of the offing's of Caribe-Expo 2008, as we go GREEN this year!

Come and enjoy with us, we welcome you.

Cheryl Antoine
Executive Director

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