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The history of wrestling

The history of wrestling

Wrestling is a full-contact sport where athletes compete against each other with their bodies. The objective of a wrestler is to defeat the opponent without using weapons or causing injuries to him. It has its roots in ancient Greece. Let's see below the history of wrestling.

Ancient Greeks

In the times of ancient Greece, people used to wrestle to settle conflicts and disputes. They also did it for entertainment. Wrestlers were known as pankration fighters (pankration). They trained themselves in different disciplines like boxing, wrestling, and throwing. These sports were combined and called pankration. In this form, athletes fought to wear only their loincloths. This was done to make them look more fierce.

Roman Empire

Later on, during the time of the Roman Empire, wrestling became a popular sport. People started competing to become champion wrestlers. Athletes started wearing tight pants and shirts. Later on, they added shoes and gloves to make it more challenging. They competed in several matches at the same time but one would win by pinning his opponent on the ground.

Middle Ages

During the medieval period, people started training under strong coaches who made sure that all their students knew how to fight. During these times, wrestling was played by men in public places to entertain the masses.

Renaissance Era

The Renaissance era brought about many changes in the way we live our lives. One of the major things that changed was the way we lived, worked, studied, ate, slept and entertained ourselves. We have moved from the dark ages which had no light to the modern age which has everything you can imagine. One of the most important innovations that happened is the invention of the printing press. Printing Press allows us to read more books and get information much easier.
In conclusion, I will say that wrestling is not just an exercise, it has been practised for thousands of years. Although today it seems like a kind of game. But if you are playing it seriously then it becomes like any other competition. It is also important to know the history of all online casino games before playing any game.

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