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Virtual Tourism in 2021

Last few years, art industries, especially the cultural segment, is taking part in technology modernization. From museums to historical and cultural sites, Attractions have virtual tours too. You can visit many famous places in the world from your living room via a personal computer or other intelligent devices. You can travel to the city you always wanted to visit and see all the important cultural, historical and entertaining sites while eating pizza with friends in the living room.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas has millions of tourists every year. In addition to that, many famous places in this city are now offering virtual tours. The Strip is the most prominent part of Las Vegas, and if ever considering going there, then you know Strip is the heart of the city. The Strip is the street where are most famous museums, hotel, casinos, boutiques, and restaurants. Take a virtual walkthrough Strip without being in the crowd. From Strip to Fremont street, this is the oldest street in Las Vegas. It dates to 1925.

The oldest casinos are here, like Golden Nugget and The Golden Gate Hotel, a tourist attraction. While there, visit Neon Museum. This new and old Las Vegas casino can quickly catch your attention compared to regular websites where you play online slots. Yes, they can be flashy too, but there's no school like the old school, especially if you get a chance to visit one in person here.

Fremont has old glam. A museum dedicated to Mob will be a great addition to the tour. Caesars Palace is one of the most famous hotels in the city. See fountains and the Forum shops. After that, go on a virtual rollercoaster ride on the Big Apple Coaster. Cirque de Solei is an attraction and cultural part of Las Vegas, and you can also enjoy it online. In addition to that, watch the Bellagio show at the fountains. For the end, see Grand Canyon, one of seven world wonders.


China is on everybody's wish list to see, China is very technology-oriented, and it is not a surprise that China offers the highest numbers of available virtual tours. From natural wonders to historical sites, modern cities. You can see a lot of places in China. If you are interested in art and museums, visit some of the many caves. Longmen Grottoes is a group of caves that on the limestone cliff. There you will find 110000 Buddhist stone statues, 60 stupas, and 2800 inscriptions carved on steles, while the Caves represent Royal cave temples art from different regions of China. You can also see Yungang Grottoes, Dazu rock carvings, and Dunhuang Mogao caves if you like them. The Great Wall of China is something that every person should see. This historical border is available for virtual tours. If you are interested in art, look for 798 Art District or Dashanzi. It's a 50-year-old military factory turned into a cultural museum center and working space for artists. Many other essential entertainment events get organized in the district. Forbidden City, the Palace Museum is something you should see while in China.

Virtual tourism is the new, modern way that allows you to see museums, attractions, and other world wonders from your living room. Of course, some magnets have to get paid for, but most are entirely free. So have a theme night with your friends and visit the world!

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