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Maslow’s Hierarchy Of Needs In Gambling

Gambling is something that lot of people in the world enjoy dong. As a result, there have been several studies that have been carried around gambling and how it affects the human mind. But today, we want to see how gambling falls in part of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

Gambling In Maslow’s Hierarchy Of Needs

In the hierarchy of needs, there are 5 main stages and these are the physiological needs, the safety and security needs, the belonging needs, esteem need and self-actualization. Below, we shall see how gambling, especially real money online slots has managed to satisfy all these needs for the players.
Physiological needs these can include food, water, warmth and rest. One of the ways that gambling has managed to meet this need for the gamblers is the availability of online applications that allow gamblers to play from their homes. Also, even at land-based casino and gambling areas, players are given food as well water. The places are warm and most are part of hotels that allows for the players to rest at the end of gambling day.
Safety needs, these include security and safety, you will find that all gambling establishments value player security, even with online applications, they make sure that the players are all kept safe.
Belonginess and love needs, this need is mainly satisfied at online casinos especially best Australian online casino sites where all the new players are given a welcome bonus. This gives the impression that they now belong to the site and are loved by the casino where they are playing.
Esteem needs include feeling of accomplishment and these are shown when players are given the right to certain bonuses and promotions at the sites where they are playing.
Self-actualization this is the need to achieve one’s full potential. For gamblers this is met when the play various online games and the win. They are pushed to keep on playing more, and the more that they win at the games, the more that they feel accomplished.

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