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Free Casino Slot Games for Fun Growing Popularity for 2021 World & Canada

Global gambling industry's growth rate providing offline and online slot games has never ceased to take the world by storm for about a decade now. Industry's growth rate has continued to accelerate amid the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic saga of early 2019 through 2020. It grows mostly online, increasing the number of searches starting on “free casino slot games for fun”, “free slots to play for fun” and “free slots 7777” that means online gambling growing faster having prospects to reach all-time heights till 2022.

The figures will perhaps keep getting better, reaching a new all-time high according to recent forecasts. Globe Newswire published a report showing that the global online gambling market's size achieves an unprecedented $127.3 billion by 2027. This forecast means that industry would register a CAGR of 11.5% between 2020 and 2027. The North American region is the fastest-growing market, with over $5 billion since the 2000s. Canadian online gaming industry currently estimated over $31 billion in sales of free casino games no download annually, with service purchases of about $14 billion a year.

Online Casinos & Online Slots Game Market Analysis. Source: https://www.marketoracle.co.uk/Article66821.html

Almost every segment of the global online gambling market, according to gaming type, has thrived in the past five years. The market is segmented into Bingo, Sports Betting, Lottery, Poker, Casino, best free online slots and other minor gaming types. From the statistics shown in the pie chart above, online sports betting is the fastest-growing segment, with 40.3% of the market share for this forecast. Emerging technologies like machine learning, artificial intelligence, and chatbot are a significant determinant for this segment's rapid growth.

Casino games, free slots 7777 and lottery closely sit second and third place in the chart with a market share of 32.1% and 13.3% respectively in popularity. Poker, otherwise known as free slots no download no registration instant play, online slot machines, occupied the 4 spot with 6.1% in favor. Overall, COVID-19 pandemic of 2019-2020 posed a positive impact on the gambling market at large. More consumers embraced online platforms to bridge their social, psychological, and financial crisis during the lockdowns.

"Free Casinos Slot Games for Fun" to Blow up the Market


"Free casino games for fun" is a general term used to describe games that are free to play. With these games, you can play for free and still get to win something. It's like a win-win situation. Casinos now offer free spins and no download slots, such as in Quick Hit casino slots and Jackpot Party Casino slots: 777 free slot machines to involve users in the gameplay fully. Free casino slot games for fun like by the link on freeslotshub.com are easy to access for instant play with no download no registration required. Free slots with bonus rounds require no deposit, so players can be sure the game is entirely free until they decide to switch to real money slots.

Free slots with no download and no sign up became a hit in 2020

title="free casino slot games for fun" alt="free casino slot games for fun"

The way it works is simple. Punters spin the reels just like in the regular free slot machine games; the only difference is, they won't be paying to do it. As a result, the majority of the game's contents are free. However, if the player feels obsessed with playing, the game comes with a store. In the store section, players can get access to make in-app purchases.

In between the start of 2020 and now, free casino slot games became popular on Google search. More than twice the number of people checked for free slots than before. This popularity widely stems from the lockdown that was enforced in many nations of the world at the time. Back then, many players who did not understand slots took to the free play to learn how to play. Experienced players also took the unique opportunity to test new free slot games “for fun” with no money needed before they put their money into them.

Google Trends shows gambling has moved online amid the closure of land-based casinos. Source: Google Trends

Since then, free plays have continued to remain popular amongst old and new players alike. In Canada, players who have issues with gambling have also benefited. With free casino games, these players can enjoy as many rounds as possible and still avoid problem gambling.

Since it presents an ideal win-win scenario for both casinos and players, free plays are here to stay. From free games, casinos can have players playing a little more. Players, on the other hand, can play freely without thinking about payment. The free play also makes slot gaming more appealing since it removes the suggestion that one is gambling. Players are only playing to test their luck and not to wager for money. As the industry grows, we expect to see free plays drive casino gaming to greater heights. 

Canadian Gambling and Slots Market Research


As the global gambling market gallops to new all-time highs in revenue, Canada has now risen to one of the top 10 countries with the most number of gamblers also playing free casino games and real money offline casinos lovers. Perhaps, gambling growth in this region is partly because Canada's gambling laws are not too strict compared to those in the US and other European countries. Gamblers in Canada are open to many options, and that has much helped the industry to grow.

A study conducted by Research and Markets revealed that online gambling has now dominated the gambling industry in Canada as advancement in technology has fueled a shift from traditional gambling to online. At least, Canada has 19.3 million people involved in gambling activities as of December 2020. The online casino games sector, which provides slots, baccarat, roulette, keno, table games, and pokers, dominates that chart in the

Canadians are actively involved in gambling regularly

Slot Games Market Changes 2000-2021

Ever since the introduction of slot machines in the 1800s, one thing has remained the same. Ironically, that is, change. With time, the competitive market has pushed developers to go over and beyond in their quest to satisfy customers. Developers know and understand that the only way to remain relevant in this market is to be innovative. As a result, the market keeps evolving by the day. As you wake up, there is something new to look forward to.

As we look into 2021, we are looking at some massive expectations for the market. Expert Market predictors at MarketWatch believe that the market is going to rise exponentially between 2021 and 2025. Many people prefer to remain somewhat optimistic and see things play out. The market itself has had a good run in its first few weeks in 2021. The market has started to grow steadily due to big players' innovations in Europe and other significant parts of the world. We are seeing slot gaming now become a fundamental part of human existence, unlike before.

One thing is unclear, which is why some skeptics are keeping mute presently. That is, whether the market's increase is a bull run or a bear ride. Either way, we see beautiful growth, and we all love it. Experts believe we will see more casinos just like the surge we saw in 2020. These new free casinos and slot games “for fun” would introduce innovative practices both in Canada and in other parts of the world. According to experts, the number of online casinos should double what it is presently by the end of 2021. This surge will make the market more competitive. As a result, casinos would be on their toes to attract the very few customers at their disposal. So, players should look forward to better deals, bigger bonuses, and more free plays in 2021.

With the recent surge in Bitcoin price, more casinos will accept cryptocurrency as an approved payment method in 2021. Also, experts were saying virtual reality and augmented reality slots would be on the rise this year. Plans are already in the pipeline as many developers are working round the clock to reality. 

Slot Games Provider Key Market Players Situation


Key Slot software providers by the online slot games development revenue:


Company Name

Key Slot Games Products

Annual Revenue

Online Slots Share (%)

2020-2021 Revenue Growth

International Game Technologies (IGT)

Wheel of Fortune
Texas Tea

$4.8 billion



Aristocrat Ltd.

Heart of Vegas
Where’s the Gold
Buffalo Slot series
Lightning Link

$348 million



WMS Industries, Inc. 

Bier Haus
Aftershock Frenzy
Zeus III
Elvis the King Lives 

$225 million



Scientific Games

Hot Hot Jackpots
Penny Pier
Ultra-Hot Mega Link

$3,400 million




Jumpin' Jalape√Īos
China Mystery
Lotus Land
Lion Festival

$252 million




Jackpot Coin
Lucky Break
Rise Up

$203 million



Manufacturers Market Share by the version of GGB Magazine. Source:

According to this GGB magazine report, IGT is the largest manufacturer in the world by market share. Currently, the manufacturer owns the largest share of the casino market. The manufacturer has to itself a total of 33.2% of the entire market. Scientific Games follow behind IGT as the second-largest producer of slot games in the world. With a total market share of 24.7%, Scientific Games show intense domination in the market. A considerable part of the company's dominance in the company comes from its acquisition of WMS industries. Aristocrats is next on the list with a total market share of 21%. Konami, the Asian gaming giant, controls 9% of the entire slot market as of now. Other big names on the list include Everl with 3.2%, Aruze with 2%. Ainsworth with1.8%, Ags with1.7%. For the rest of the market, 1.8% is shared amongst other developers.

TOP 5 Gambling Companies in the World


Free Online Slot Games market depends on the key players in the gambling industry. Great Britain became the world's biggest regulated market for online gambling after implementing the Gambling (Licensing & Advertising) Act 2014. According to the UK Gambling commission data, the British online gambling sector, besides lotteries and other games, generated £4.7bn (34%) revenue out of the £13.8bn gross yields of the region. Bet365, one of the UK superpowers, makes the list of the top 5 global gambling companies. Here is the table with crucial worldwide global companies based on revenue for the 2020 fiscal year.


Company Name


Annual Revenue

International Game Technology

London, England

£4.8 billion

Flutter Stars Group

Toronto, Canada

£3.8 billion

VGC Holdings

Douglas, Isle of Man

£3.7 billion


Stoke-on-Trent, England

£3 billion

Scientific Games

Las Vegas, Nevada

£2.75 billion

Largest Sports Betting Companies in the World by Revenue 2020. Source:

Are there any Canadian companies? Which providers are from Canada? What is their market share comparing to world leaders? 


It is not uncommon for the most prominent online gambling companies in the world to rake in millions and even billions of dollars in revenue annually. Some of these companies are mergers of 3 or more organizations, and they diversify their products and operations in different countries.

The Stars Group is one of the world gambling superpowers that operates from Canada, with headquarters in Toronto. The company's primary business is betting and online gaming in real money poker. In 2018, Stars Group reported $2.2 billion in revenue, a 55.38% increase from that of 2017.


Net Worth (Billion)



Kindred Group


Bet Fred


International Games Technology


William Hill


The Stars Group


Scientific Games




GVC Holdings


Flutter Stars Group



Key Online Casinos Markets by Countries

The global gambling market is one of the fastest-growing industries, and it is expected to pull over a 5.5% increase in the next 5 years in online casinos and free online slots, free slots 7777, free casino slot games for fun. Canada, UK, New Zealand, Europe, and Asia are some of the market's top players.

The USA. The legal status of gambling is still very much in debate in many states of the US. However, the average monthly revenue of casinos in the last quarter of 2020 stood at $19 billion. By 2024, the market in the US should have grown to about 14.6 billion dollars. 

The United Kingdom. Gambling is very legal in the United Kingdom. Citizens of the UK can place bets just the way they want. In the UK, the average quarterly revenue for classic 777 slots is about $16 billion. By 2024, the industry's annual average revenue should have grown to reach 22 billion dollars.

Australia. Gambling in Australia is illegal; however, players can bet using the grey area of the law. Using this technicality, players can place bets with service providers outside Australia. Notable casinos where punters play include online casinos like pokieslab.com and casinoaus.com.  

Canada. Players in Canada can gamble freely as they will. The laws in Canada allow them to bet onshore and offshore. The industry has an annual revenue of about 20billion dollars.

New Zealand. For some reason, gambling is illegal in New Zealand. The law outrightly prohibits punters older than 20 years from gambling on its shores. However, punters can place their bets with casinos so far; the casinos are not in New Zealand. As a result of these restrictions, the annual average revenue of slots in the country stands at 2.4 billion dollars.

Germany. Currently, the market in Germany is worth 2.47 billion euros. Gambling is legal in Germany, although the government plans regulation come 2021. By the middle of 2021, the maximum wager in all online casinos would be 1000 euros as per the new law. By 2024, the market experts expect the market to grow by 19% to 3.3 billion Euros.

Free Online Slots “For Fun” Internet Leaders by Traffic


Analytical data in the table below were provided for free by an expert in the online slot games for fun niche - Jeremy Smith. Jeremy stood at the origins of online slot games growing popular, and he was one of the first owners of free slot machine websites using the modern technical approach and design since 2001 till now.


Slot Games Website

Traffic (Monthly)

Estimated Monthly Earnings



$12, 180














Online Casinos & Slots Pandemic Impact


COVID-19 damaging impact on economy & iGaming market in 2020

In the early parts of 2020, many experts predicted positive growth in the gambling industry, generally including free casino slot games for fun, free slots, slots 7777. However, no one saw that life had its adjustments in the bag. The whole world seemed to come to a standstill in March when governments had to shut down many organizations. This came with the risks and impending danger that come with COVID-19.

Land casino operators and bookmakers felt the lockdown and forceful closure. As a result of the lockdown, the gambling market worldwide faced an 11% decline in 2020. Like in the UK, revenue dropped by 50% of the usual value in March 2020. While in some other places like in Italy and Macau, there were severe revenue declines of 59.3% and 88%, respectively.

However, things started to switch up as many players moved their casino franchise online. In a survey conducted in Ontario by Concordia, 55% of the 2,005 respondents agreed to play online casinos preferring free online slots, real money slot machines and table games. While of these numbers, 77% said they were doing that for the first time due to the pandemic. Similarly, statistics show that there was a 17% increase in online gambling in the UK. At the same time, casinos saw players spend more time online than before. As a result of this trend, the world saw a 13.9% increase in online slot gaming in 2020.

For most players, the change was due to the pandemic and a sudden need for entertainment. The primary motivators were fun, excitement, the will to win money, and a need to pass the time.

Surprisingly, the upward trend was not a general thing. While there was a decline in land-based casinos in Denmark due to the pandemic, there was no surge in online casinos. Similarly, Finland did not record any significant increase in its gambling sector. 

Predictions for 2021-2024


Currently, North America is the biggest slot machine market with 41.56% consumption as of 2016. Europe and Japan closely followed that figure with 19.52% and 9.21% market share, respectively. According to the New Research study, the global slot machine market expected growth is set at 5.5% over the next five years. From those statistics, the compound annual growth rate (CGAR) will see a rise to 4450 million by 2024 from 3230 Million in 2020.

The global slot machine market 2020-2024. Source: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20200121005633/en/Global-Slot-Machine

According to Technnavio infographics shown above, the global slot machine market of 2020 has a year-over-year growth rate of 14.92%. There's a projected 15% compound annual growth rate between 2021 and 2024, worth $14.09 billion. The European market would lead the way with up to 35% of the projected global market growth, while other regions would follow a fair share.

One of the critical drivers for the slot and gambling market, in general, is the growing involvement of new vendors and integration with other sectors. Besides, many casinos are already operating cryptocurrency sites using Bitcoin and Ethereum to play slot games. It is a trend that drives market growth, and it is set to continue with many sites now launching entirely operated platforms that accept cryptos for gaming. Aristocrat, Amatic, Konami, Scientific Gaming, Playtech, and the likes remain the top players. Other small software developers are springing forth with unique innovations that will affect market growth in the next few years.

What is the Growth Reason?

Predicted online casinos and free slot games market further growth in 2021-2024 

According to Technavio, the global growth in the casino market is driven by technology, and the use of bitcoins is a prevalent trend. As more casinos now accept bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies for exchange, the market is expected to leap even further at a rate of 15%.

By 2024, we hope the industry will have hit 14.9 billion dollars. Other key drivers of the massive growth in the sector include Artificial intelligence and the big data revolution. With these two giants, the industry is expected to dive deep into virtual reality and augmented reality in the coming years. Also, the rise of new casinos in the market is going to play a massive role in the enormous growth of the industry

The major companies behind this growth include market leaders like:

  1. AMATIC Industries GmbH,
  2. APEX pro gaming AS,
  3. APOLLO SOFT s.r.o.,
  4. Aristocrat Leisure Ltd.,
  5. Eclipse Gaming Systems LLC,
  6. International Game Technology Plc,
  7. Konami Holdings Corp.,
  9. Scientific Games Corp.,
  10. Universal Entertainment Corp. and some other companies.

These big names would be looking forward to taking back the industry from the decline it suffered in 2020. So we’re expecting in 2022 the rise of free online slots, no download slot games popularity and free casino slot games for fun.

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